Jerry Schneider

(703) 963 9570


Software Engineer / Tech Lead
TripAdvisor, Newton, MA
January 2014 - Present
  • Provide technical leadership for between 1 and 3 other engineers on consumer facing restaurants products
  • Develop commerce integration with partners such as OpenTable, GrubHub, and LaFourchette
  • Develop consumer facing restaurants products including UI/UX improvements as well as data and infrastructural driven projects
  • Work on optimizing the restaurant booking process
  • Redesign and rewrite the photo lightbox experience
  • Work on and maintain media on a large scale
  • Work on generally improving the site experience
  • Work on internal tools to help optimize development for other engineers
Engineering Intern
TripAdvisor, Newton, MA
May 2012 - August 2013
  • Work on interfacing with Facebook's Graph API
  • Work on storage of social data and providing data to Facebook
  • Work on webpage CSS and JavaScript modification
  • Work on back end Java servlets
  • Fix bugs on social media pages
Flight Software Intern
Skybox Imaging, Mountain View, CA
May 2011 - August 2011
  • Create a C++ library to interface with LabView and ActiveMQ to display satelite telemetry
  • Create displays using LabView to display satelite telemetry
  • Create development tools using Python to scan and report on problems with the satelite code
  • Set up Hudson (Jenkins) project and write GDB scripts to automate nightly builds and run and report unit tests
  • Write AceUnit Unit tests for satelite code
  • Update documentation based on satelite code
Undergraduate Tutor
RPI Computer Science Department, Troy, NY
September 2010 - May 2012
  • Create a C++ library to interface with LabView and ActiveMQ to display satelite telemetry


Master of Science
Information Technology and Web Science RPI
December 2013
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science RPI
May 2013

Relevant Coursework

Network Programming
- Knowladge of HTTP and socket programming and JavaScript and HTML 5
Software Design and Documentation
- Knowledge of deign patterns and documentation
Data Structures
- Knowledge of the creation of data structures and their implementation
Introduction to Algorithms
- Creating efficient algorithms and analyzing the efficiency of algorithms
Computer Organization
- Introduciton to computer organization, assembler language, and operating systems
Programming in Java
- Class declarations and definitions, graphics, threads, exceptions, and writing Web Applets
Parallel Programming
- Techniques and meathods for parallel programming including parallel algorithms
Operating Systems
- Computer operating systems including design and implementation
Machine Learning
- Implement and critique basic models of learning from data
Data Mining
- Data mining and knowledge discovery in databases
Database Systems
- Database design, database system architecture, SQL, normalization techniques
Programming Languages
- Language syntax and semantics, types and parameter passing, and programming paradigms

Software Skills

  • Languages: Java, C, C++, Python, MPI, GDB Scripting, x86, MIPS, Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and XML
  • Proficency with the use of Linux and Unix based systems
  • Proficency with version control (Git and Subversion)


  • RPI Founders Award of Excellence 2011
  • Hollingsworth Prize
  • Dean's list (every semester)
  • Rensselaer Leadership Award
  • TripAdvisor standup comedy competition finalist

Computer Science Academic Experience

  • UPE Vice President (Computer Science Honor Society)
  • Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Student Representitive (fall 2011 - spring 2012)
  • Mentor for Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software
  • Computer Science Undergraduate Tutor and Mentor